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Scans : Myojo 2009.05

Hey! First post in english that won't be deleted. XD

I scanned my Myojo, may issue. First, I have to tell you that is not in very good quality. ^^; Sorry about that. *need a better scanner*
There are already a lot of pages that has been shared but I'd like to contribute to this fandom. ♥

Myojo are so great, why there isn't more Juniors ? >> I want MSM in Myojo...

So, I scanned :
(here a preview, no thanks to motusama  =D ILU <3)

- SMAP (6 pages : SMAP Press, 3 for Katori Shingo <3, 2 for Kimura)

- Nagase Tomoya (For his Toppo CM)

- Kinki Kids (6 pages)

- V6 (5 pages : 3 for Ken ♥, 2 for Inohara & Okada)

- Tackey & Tsubasa (6 pages) (Tackey in an Onsen and Tsubasa topless... Hum 8D)

- Kansai Juniors : Hey! Say! 7 WEST & Veteran (4 pages)

- Hey! Say! MAP Daiki x Yûto (Because Daiki is so cute and it seems that it wasn't shared (?))

For All those Johnny's. :)

- Yamamoto Yûsuke (> Topless *ç*) (2 pages)

- Koike Teppei =3 (2 pages)

- Miura Haruma (2 pages)

And all those scans (J's and non-J's) in one files. : D (36 scans)

if you want some other pages that i didn't scanned, just ask. (Like Miura Shohei or some boys that I'm not really interested in, all those cute and annoying actresses...)

Tell me if there's anything wrong with a link. Feel free to share, just don't claim as yours. And please, comment if taking. ^^

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