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09 June 2020 @ 04:04 pm

This journal is Friends locked. Don't be afraid to comment, I love to make new friends. :)
(But my scans will stay open, there's no need to add me just for that !)

04 March 2011 @ 10:27 pm
I just fell in love with the pic so... here it is 8D

Check it out~

And I LOVE having 30 user pics... too bad it's only for two weeks T___T
30 December 2010 @ 09:57 pm
I'll post more later but I need to say it before it's past midnight (or at least here).


Please stay as you are, you're perfect <3
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28 November 2010 @ 05:33 pm
I can also be titled 'how my skills have improved'. The oldest ones are fun to see. XD

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Btw, wich one do you like the most ? :3
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27 August 2009 @ 08:58 pm
Hey! First post in english that won't be deleted. XD

I scanned my Myojo, may issue. First, I have to tell you that is not in very good quality. ^^; Sorry about that. *need a better scanner*
There are already a lot of pages that has been shared but I'd like to contribute to this fandom. ♥

Myojo are so great, why there isn't more Juniors ? >> I want MSM in Myojo...

So, I scanned :
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if you want some other pages that i didn't scanned, just ask. (Like Miura Shohei or some boys that I'm not really interested in, all those cute and annoying actresses...)

Tell me if there's anything wrong with a link. Feel free to share, just don't claim as yours. And please, comment if taking. ^^

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05 July 2009 @ 05:12 pm
Voici la dernière. Encore traduite à partir de l'anglais de Shimai-fs. Encore merci. :)

(Je ne fais que reposter le scan pour la preview, crédit à elles.)
05 July 2009 @ 05:04 pm
Qu'est ce que j'aime cette page... (Et Motus aussi par la même occasion)


(Crédit ici, même si j'aurais pu la scanner moi-même. Nyaha. \o/)

Wonder TripCollapse )
Encore merci à elles.
05 July 2009 @ 04:59 pm

Voilà la traduction de l'interview de Sanazawa. (Parce que je l'aime, pis c'est tout. ♥)
Merci beaucoup à
Shimai-fs pour la traduction anglaise. (Et pour le scan)


Une PhraseCollapse )

*part poster les deux autres*

Voilà la deuxième partie. (enfin)

Je vous remet le scan et encore merci à lui 

Ici pour la traductionCollapse )
Premiere page de l'interview des HSJ du Popolo de fevrier (2009). \o/
Merci beaucoup à kenken18 pour sa traduction anglaise.  

(Je vous reposte le scan, c'est le même que sur son article.)

traduction iciiiCollapse )